Facebook video Downloader

Facebook video Downloader


Introduction to All Video Downloader :

All Video Downloader is an external website that allows the user to download audio and videos from Facebook. Even Facebook live videos can be downloaded after streaming is finished. And private videos can also be downloaded. It supports different output formats like MP4, MKV, OGG, MP3, M4A, etc.

Since, Facebook doesn’t offer any offline viewing feature like YouTube, even though people now like to watch videos on Facebook more than on YouTube. Facebook only allows us to save or bookmark any video to play it again later by selecting ‘save to watchlist’ or ‘save video’. We shall rather return to Facebook to watch it again. But we can permanently save video from Facebook by downloading it using the all video downloader. At times, while scrolling through your feed, we see some videos that we like and prefer to save in our gallery, watch later, and show to friends and families. We can share, tag a buddy or two, and wish we could download it to your device. For that, you’re going to need a all video doenloader.

*allvideodownloader.inf doesn’t support downloading copyrighted videos.

How to download Facebook videos using the Allvideodonwload.inf:

The process of downloading videos posted on Facebook using the ‘All video downloader app is easy and effective. we can use both mobile or computers to download videos. We just need to follow the simple steps below to download any Facebook video from the timeline or feed.

Using computer:

Step 1: Click Share Button

Step 2: Click the’ copy video URL at the current time’ option from the menu.

Step 3: Go to allvideodownloader.info and paste the video URL.

Step 4: Click the ‘Download’ button shown alongside.

Step 5: You can choose between downloading HD quality video or normal quality video. Select the desired option and downloading will start.

The downloaded video will be saved in your device’s default location.

Using smartphone:

  • Step 1: click the share button or click on three dots on the video that is to be downloaded from your Facebook timeline or feed.
  • Step 2: Click the’ copy link’ option from the menu.
  • Step 3: Go to All video downloader and paste the video link.
  • Step 4: Click the ‘Download’ button shown alongside.
  • Step 5: You can choose between downloading HD quality video or normal quality video. Select the desired option.
  • Step 6: Select the location where you want to save the video.

Advantages of All video downloader:

  • It is free, simple, and easier to use. We do not need to pay any amount to download videos from this website.
  • We can use this feature on mobile as well as personal computers. Unlike other websites which only work on computers, this website can effortlessly work on smartphones as well.
  • It supports any operating system, browser, and device. This website is compatible with any operating system, and devices of any version.
  • We don’t need to install any additional apps or software to use this feature. Downloading different applications and software contains malware or spyware, which may harm our devices, and should be aware. The built-in features of this website eliminate the need for downloading and installation. Only by using a browser, we can save videos to our smartphones and computers.
  • We don’t need to register in order to use this feature. And hence there is no fear of unwanted viruses, mails notifications, etc.
  • We can download High-quality videos using this website. The videos can be downloaded in higher quality in the required formats. The resolution of the videos is not reduced after downloading.
  • It is very fast and convenient. The downloading process does not require much time and does not require much effort. The website is easily accessible and has no trouble.
  • We do not require any special knowledge to use this feature and can be done easily. It can be performed by following a few simple instructions.
  • It does not have any limitations. We can use it as many times as we want and download as many videos as we want.
  • It supports multiple formats and hence can download the video in any required format. We can even extract audio from a video and download a video without audio if audio has copyright issues.
  • The loading time is organized. The process is systematic and fast. It has seamless and smooth processing.
  • No watermarks are added to the downloaded videos. No changes are made compared to the original video.
  • It is very secure. There is no risk of hacking as there is no registration involved. This website is safe and has no risks.
  • Facebook private video download support. It can even download private videos. No additional effort is required to download private videos.
  • Technical knowledge and knowledge of coding are not required. Anyone who has general knowledge of using computers can easily download videos using a All video downloader.
  • Watching the same video again and again over the internet leads to an increase in the cost and adds to extra data charges. So, it is better to download it on your device and you can watch it multiple times without adding cost. In this way, by using the All video downloader you can enjoy the video and save your money as well.

 Uses of All video downloader:

  • It can be used to share it with their friends and family over a different platform. Once downloaded the video can be shared to other’s devices directly or by using different media and social sites with the help of the internet.
  • It can be used to save it on our device to watch it later without needing an internet connection. After saving a video on Facebook we need to return to Facebook every time we want to see it again. And this is not possible without an internet connection. But after downloading videos from the All video downloader, it is permanently saved in our device storage and can be viewed time and again without any internet connection.
  • This can be an alternative for returning back to Facebook to watch the same video again and again. This eventually saves our time and money since a huge amount of data is used while watching the video on Facebook.
  • Once the video is downloaded from the All video downloader it can be edited and shared with required modifications. Facebook does not allow the user to edit the saved video. Hence to edit the video we must first download it to our device and make the required edits using our device’s editor or any other editing app.
  • All video downloader is used for video marketing efforts. It helps to enhance business strategy and prepare better plans. It helps to make better video ads for the promotion of a business.
  • It allows the user to reupload the same video with the required changes. While sharing a video on Facebook users should share the video uploaded from someone else’s account but after downloading the same video can be uploaded from the desired account.
  • Using the All video downloader, you can download the videos which can be uploaded to back up. The videos saved on Facebook might get lost if you happen to lose your Facebook account. But once you download and backup the video it will be secured.


By now, it should be clear How to download FB videos using the All video downloader and what are its uses and advantages. The whole process is very simple and easy to follow. This website compared to others has better processing and fast downloading. When we visit some websites on the internet may open a path for viruses to enter our device. We might even get unwanted and irritating emails, messages, and notifications. Unlike other websites, this website does not contain any scams or viruses.

Not every creative content on Facebook or any other social media comes with a copyright of the owner. If you share that content on your feed to keep it, it won’t harm the copyright issue. But downloading the video without permission and legal access is illegal copyright infringement. 

If the owner somehow claims copyright and takes action against you, you might fall into legal issues. Also, using other people’s content for beneficial purposes is strictly prohibited in copyright issues. Hence, we must make sure we must not download any contents which are harmful to others and must not misuse others’ creativity.

Every day we watch videos that we want to keep to ourselves. But remember that the creator of the video always owns the legal rights. So, we would request you not to use any of the videos with copyright claims for otherwise purposes. Creativity should always be respected. But if you want the videos for your self-entertainment, or just to keep in your collection, our ways will help you in many ways. 

This website is one of the best free websites for downloading Facebook videos. Enjoy the fast, simple, and limitless website. So, collect your favorite videos and keep those on your device and share them with friends and families.

! Good luck!