Instagram Video Downloader (New Updated Version 2022)

Instagram Video Downloader (New Updated Version 2022)

Introduction to Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram video downloader is an online video downloader that is used to download videos from Instagram in the high quality you like. It is easy to use on mobile, computer or any device. We can download IGTV videos, any DIY videos, or live videos also using the Instagram video downloader. It is a very helpful website to download videos as it is a less time-consuming, safe, and secure website. We must not install any software to download videos from the Instagram video downloader.

We are unable to watch offline videos like youtube in Instagram but nowadays many people are engaged in instagram videos also. So they open the application and watch Instagram videos but do not know how to download them. Now there is a solution of downloading videos from Instagram video downloader. If we need to save instagram videos permanently in our device then we can download it from instagram video downloader and share them with our close ones.

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Ways to download Instagram videos using Instagram Video Downloader

We can download instagram videos using instagram video downloader in a very easy and clear ways. It can be downloaded on both cell phone and computer. There are some simple steps to download instagram videos using instagram video downloader:

Using Computer

Step 1: Open Instagram application on your computer

Step 2: Select the video and click the ‘copy link’ button

Step 3: Search

Step 4: Paste the video link

Step 5: Click the download button

Step 6: Select the option HD quality or normal in which you want to download the video

Using Smartphone

Step 1: Open instagram application on your phone

Step 2: Select the video and click the ‘copy link’ button

Step 3: Search

Step 4: Paste the video link

Step 5: Click the download button

Step 6: Select the option HD quality or normal quality in which you to download the video

Step 7: Select the location where you want to save the video

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  • One of the greatest advantage of using this website is you can download the instagram videos which was like impossible. But using instagram video downloader we can download many IGTV videos as well as live videos also.
  • It is easy to use and we do not need skilled manpower to use this website but just need to follow some simple steps shown above.
  • You can download videos in the best qualities as possible. User must not be upset with the quality of downloaded videos.
  • It is suitable for computers as well as the mobile phone also.
  • It is a free online tool and it is also less time-consuming to download from Instagram video downloader.
  • You can save videos from your own account or from anyone’s account who might be your family, friends, or any other stranger.
  • No registration is needed.
  • It does not require installing any other software on your phone to download videos from instagram.
  • It is a safe website to download. You can maintain privacy as leakage do not occur using this website. It prevents us from being history trackers. Even the website does not see what you are doing with this application.
  • There is no restriction to download videos. You can download videos as much as we want.
  • Everyone can download desired videos anytime but you just need to have an internet connection.
  • There is no chance of entering viruses as it does not allow entering any notifications or advertisements.
  • You may not be in-network connection daily to watch videos so if once the video is downloaded in our mobile phone then in this situation it is helpful to spend our time by watching videos.

Is Instagram Video Downloader necessary??                   

  • If the video is downloaded then it is easy to share with our friends and family members directly or by using internet. We can spend our time by watching videos.
  • If the video is downloaded we must not open an Instagram account repeatedly to see videos. Also we can watch Instagram videos without any internet connection. It will be saved in our device so we must not view others’ profile repeatedly.
  • It is the best choice to save the video using Instagram video downloader in our device. It saves our money, time and it is also safe to use this website.
  • By the help of this website, we can also download videos and edit the same video and again re-upload to the account.
  • It is also helpful for business. As we can download the videos and can make advertisement for business strategies and plans.
  • Using Instagram video downloader we can also save videos to keep them secure in our device. In case if the account is deactivated or deleted then the video will also be deleted permanently.
  • When we save Instagram videos then it is saved to our default locations but after downloading it can be saved to our own folders.
  • This website also helps to download live videos and IGTV videos by the above steps.


Finally, we discussed the ways to download videos from instagram video downloader along with its merits and uses. It is very easy, free and reliable process to save videos from instagram video downloader. This website in comparison is more safe and secure as it do not leak any privacy. It has fast downloading system. In others website they provide us with repetitive notifications and advertisement but this website does not do so it does not take more time due to this many harmful viruses also does not enter to our device.

In some videos owner does not provide copyright. In such videos there is no copyright problems if we share these videos in our account. But if the creator posts the video with copyright and if such videos are downloaded or shared in feed without permission and legal requirement is copyright infringement.

If we share the copyright videos and the owner takes the action then we will be caught legally and may be punished according to law. It is strictly band to share the copyright videos for profitable satisfaction. So we must be careful before sharing the videos and must check whether it is copyright or not.

At the time of downloading/ sharing the videos we must always remember that the creator has the legal right towards the video. So we must not share such videos for our profitable satisfaction. But if the videos are just for the self-entertainment rather than beneficial satisfaction in such cases we can download every videos. We can spend our free time by watching favorite videos downloaded from instagram video downloader. So keep enjoying your leisure time by watching videos or you can keep it in your collection also.

Thank you!!