Tiktok Video Downloader Latest Updated

 Tiktok Video Downloader Latest Updated

Introduction to tiktok video downloader

Tiktok video downloader is a free video downloader that is used to download videos from tiktok without using a watermark. We must not install any software on a computer or mobile phone but we need a tiktok video link and processing can be done with just one click to download a video. We can even download tiktok live videos and private videos.

Tiktok does not offer any offline viewing feature like YouTube as many people nowadays watch videos more on tiktok than in YouTube. Tiktok only allows us to save or bookmark any video to play it again if the video is “like” or it is kept in “my favorite”. We must return to tiktok to watch the video again. But if we need to save video permanently in our device then we can use tiktok video downloader to download videos. While scrolling the tiktok if we want to share or tag our friends then we can but if we want it to save permanently in our device then we need tiktok video downloader.

Tiktok video downloader is one of the simplest video downloaders in which we do not need any skilled manpower to use it but only need to follow some simple steps. It is one of the most reliable and secure website. In this website there is no leakage of downloaded videos and this website strictly prohibits history tracking. This website also supports MP3 and MP4 format videos also. We do not need any tiktok account to download videos from tiktok video downloader. We just need tiktok application. Tiktok video downloader does not support you downloading copyrighted videos.

How to download Tiktok videos using the Tiktok video downloader

It is easy and effective process to download videos of tiktok from tiktok video downloader app. Videos can be downloaded on both mobile and computers. We just need to follow the simple step to download the video from tiktok.

Using computer

Step 1:  Open tiktok app on your computer

Step 2: Select the video and click the share button

Step 3: Click the copy link button to save the video URL to the device clipboard

Step 4: Go to allvideodowloader.info and click the right button on the input box and paste the URL in the search box

Step 5: Click the download button to save the video  

Step 6: Locate the place where you want to save the video

Using smartphone

Step 1: Open tiktok app on your phone

Step 2: Select the video and click the share button

Step 3: Click the copy link button from the menu

Step 4: Click the download button and then click the save button to start downloading video to your device


  • We can download tiktok videos without using watermark in HD quality.
  • It is free, fast and simple to use. We don’t need to pay amount to download videos from this website.
  • We can use this feature in our smartphones or in any computers. This is the simple to use in phones also, it is not like others that can be used in only on computers.
  • We must not use any additional extensions. But if we want to use then it is our own choice.
  • Tiktok downloading video can help you to be safe from history trackers. TIktok downloading videos is very helpful because it doesn’t keep records of our downloading videos if we do not want to do so.
  • Tiktok downloader video is also safe to use. It does not keep your downloading videos history also it does not leak your history. It also does not see what you are doing with this application.
  • We must not need to be worried about the size and format of tiktok videos while downloading from this applications. It support both MP3 and MP4 types formats.
  • There is no limitations in downloading videos using this applications. We can download as much videos as we want.
  • Any software is not needed to install to download videos from this website. It can be done just by one click.
  • While using this applications we are free from unwanted viruses. As this website does not allow any advertisement or notifications so there is less chance of entering viruses in this website.
  • It does not require any skilled manpower to use this applications. Only some simple instructions are needed to follow. Everyone can use this application.
  • We don’t have more data to play the same video time and again using internet and also sometimes if the internet is slow then the video does not play perfectly so tiktok video downloader is very helpful to download video as it also save our extra charges and time to watch videos.

Uses of Tiktok Video Downloader                                        

  • Once the video is downloaded then it is easy to share it with your family and friends by different other applications without using internet or by using internet.
  • After downloading videos we must not open tiktok application time and again to see the same video. So it does not require any internet connection if we save it in our own device. It can be saved in our device permanently so that we do not need to stalk others profile regularly.
  • It can be the best alternative of saving video from tiktok to our own device. It also saves our time and money as it require more amount of data to see the video from tiktok.
  • To edit the tiktok video we must save the video at first. So when the video is saved from tiktok video downloader then it can be edited from any editing applications or any other device editor’s.
  • Tiktok video downloader is also used for marketing purpose. It helps to uplift business strategy and plans. It is also helpful to create advertisement videos for business. It helps to bring some new ideas about business.
  • It also allows to re upload the same video from the desired account with the required changes. We can re upload the same video by editing once the video is downloaded. We can also merge the same video and re post to the same account.
  • Using Tiktok video downloader, we can upload the videos to keep secure in our device even if tiktok account get lost. But if we download the video once then it will be secure in our device.
  • When we save tiktok videos then it is saved to our default locations. After downloading when can also select folders to save it in our own destination.


Eventually, it is clarified how to download videos from tiktok video downloader with its advantages and uses. It is very easy and simple process to download video using this application. This website in comparison to other has better processing and fast downloading. If we visit to other website in Google then it may provide a path to enter unwanted viruses to our device. We might get some irritating emails, messages and notifications but this website prevents us from such scams and harms. It may be less time consuming as we must not watch advertisements and it does not provide any notifications while using this website.

Every tiktok video are not posted with the copyright of the owner. These types of videos do not harm copyright issues if you share to keep it in your feed. But the videos which are posted with copyright and then downloading such videos without out permission and legal access is illegal copyright infringement.

If the owner copyright takes action against you then you may be caught into legal issues. It is strictly banded to take others’ creativity for our profitable satisfaction in copyright issues. So we must be careful about downloading others content which is harmful to them and must not misuse others’ creativity.

We always watch the videos which we want to keep with us. But we also must remember that creator owns the legal right. So it is better to not use copyright videos for any purposes like for profitable satisfaction. We must always respect creativity and the creator. But if the videos are just downloaded for self-entertainment or just to keep in the collection then this website can help you in many ways. We can use our full leisure time by watching our favorite videos downloading from the tiktok video downloader.

This website is one of the best free, less time-consuming, safe, and secure websites used for downloading the tiktok videos. So you can download your favorite videos, keep them in your collection and enjoy them by sharing it with your family and friends.

Good Luck